The Future of Flight, Boeing and are continuing to move forward with Aviation Geek Fest 2012 (#AGF12) and are ready to share a rough draft schedule of events for the day. Times can change — well really anything can change, so this is the basic idea that we are working with right now.

There will be two kind of tickets: ELITE for $20 and regular for $10. The money will be used for the event: food, drinks, prizes and possibly transportation. ELITE will get you to the entire event, including the uber aviation geek experiences during the Select-a-Quest option. Everything will be first come, first serve and when we allow folks to purchase tickets, you can choose when adventure you would like to go on.

We are unsure when we will open registration, but you will have at least a 48 hour warning and everyone will need to register and reserve their spot in the event. Be sure to join the #AGF12 mailing list to make sure you do not miss out. Here is the draft schedule:

Click to design your own Boeing 787 Dreamliner -- probably can do much better than this.


During The Weekend: Self-Guided Aviation Goodness
We will give some options that people can participate in on their own either before or after #AGF12.

Around 12:30pm: ELITE Meet and Greet
Check in at the Future of Flight and meet the other aviation geeks participating at #AGF12.

Around 2pm: ELITE Select-a-Quest
Guests will pre-register for one of a few aviation adventures. We know for sure a group of
people will be able to get a Boeing factory floor tour and another group will be able to visit the
Dreamliner Gallery. We are currently still working on other options.

Around 3:30pm: Special Speaker
A larger group of people are welcome to come hear a special aviation-themed speaker. More
details coming soon.

Around 5:00pm: Aviation Geek Fest Social
Food and drink will be served while you can tour the Future of Flight, get to know folks, take
photos in the cockpit of a Boeing 727 and more.

There will be a few other surprises added in as well. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for the Aviation Geek Fest 2012 mailing list for all the latest details.

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I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!

Got my reservations…. I’m there. See you all on the 19th…

Do I need to do anything else to register besides getting onto the mailing list?

Aviation Geeks Unite!!! Can’t wait 😀

Will there be enough time from the date you open registration to the actual event date —- last minutes airline ticket, hotel, rental car

I’m looking for Hotel suggestions.. I’m thinking of doing some planespotting at SEATAC on Saturday, any hotel that may give a good location for pictures?

You can stay at the DoubleTree Hotel in SeaTac which has great views of the runways because of its location.

Thanks Jeremy .. your suggestion was a winner.. If we get a chance I owe you a beverage.. 😉

Sounds like a good time!

(Might I suggest that next year a bit more padding in the schedule would do some good for East Coast avgeeks such as myself to confirm flights, etc.) 🙂

There must be some story behind the scenes there about why the registration isn’t up yet. At this point, if you’ve booked travel for AGF12 (as I have), you pretty much have to hope either he’ll give priority in the order we subscribed to the mail list, or to jump in the registration before it’s full.

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