Every once in a while a video pops up that embraces the spirit of aviation — this is one of them. This video takes you inside an Avianca Airlines Airbus A320 while flying around South America in one of the best cockpit videos I have seen to date. Man, now I want to go flying.

Tip of the hat to  NYCAviation.com for sharing this video.

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Freaking awesome video. Makes me wanna jump on a plane right now.

JC Edwards

These are all flights in and out of Rio’s city airport, Santos Dumont airport (SDU/SBRJ). Great footage!

Steven Ravine

Is the captain flying an airplane or stirring a pot of stew? Is the A-320 that unresponsive to the side-stick controller that a pilot needs to go stop-to-stop just to get the plane to move a little?

Ron Skupeika

Yep he’s stirring the pot alright…no need to work the stick that hard…Your in Direct Law in the landing phase and the stick is more sensitive to inputs..cuasing self-induced turbulence or making Mayo…

Prior A/C (boeing) type old habits…

Arturo G

ditto with what steven said, I was very surprised by how much movement of the stick there was…but still a really awesome video! thanks for posting it!

Hi David,

Incredible video, right???

That Hero Camera is great.

I just wanted to clarify that the video was done by a TAM pilot.

Great blog…



Juan 787

“I just wanted to clarify that the video was done by a TAM pilot.”

I don’t know what a TAM pilot is doing in an Avianca cockpit. The pilot’s badge clearly shows that he works for Avianca. Avianca started flying to Rio two months ago.

My mistake…

Perhaps Avianca Brasil…

Avianca flights from Colombia do not operate at the domestic airport in Rio.

Yes, no TAM, but Avianca Brasil probably…



Juan 787

I don’t think it is Avianca Brsil either. At 2:22 you can see them landing at El Dorado airport in Bogota. We can hardly find a greener airport!



Juan 787

On the other hand, Avianca is flying directly to Rio since Nov-11.


Having flown thousands of hours in the left seat of the A-320 I can say it sure makes me sorry to be retired. As to the movement of the control stick, bear in mind that 320 and larger 330s and 340s are set up with no automatic return to neutral. For example a simple Cessna will tend to return to the last trimmed position. An A-320 cannot do that. The aircraft remains banked/pitched in the last commanded position. Therefore, the pilot is always commanding it to the next necessary position. The work load goes way up in gusty crosswinds as every gust demands a new input from the stick.
Thanks to whomever posted the video. Beautiful work.

Capn Griff (ret)

Having retired from American at the end of last summer, sure do miss seeing things I saw in the video up close and personal. Then again, if I hadn’t retired, I’d be almost a million dollars poorer

I too fly the A-320 and there is no need for that much stick input.

Dave Krall

What’s with the horse-blinder sunglasses?
Nearly the the worst type any pilot can wear, no peripheral vision!


Luiz Marcondes

As a brazilian pilot, I say for sure the all footage were taken in Rio Santos Dumont (SBRJ) and São Paulo Congonhas Airport (SBSP). Great footage.

About the comments of side stick input, I had an instructor who told me to release the side stick just after making any correction on final. That helped me a lot to avoid overcontrolling.

But I don’t think the guy in the video is over controlling that much. Try to record yourself and you will get surprised about your inputs on a landing.

This seriously never gets old!
Can’t wait to make one of these one day, ha!

I wanna know who the band is that does that tune in the video.

eduardo gonzalez

airbus 320 avianca brazil

The song is called “Sail” by AWOLNATION.
The video is beautiful indeed.
(Not a pilot).

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