How does Boeing paint their largest aircraft — well very carefully of course. This video, posted by Lufthansa, shows how Boeing went about painting a 747-8 Intercontinental (D-ABYA). The Lufthansa livery is very simple, but elegant at the same time. It looks right at home on a Boeing 747-8I.

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That is absolutely awesome. I wonder how many miles of masking tape and kraft paper they use?

Thanks for sharing.

I am going to go with “a lot.”


I’m going to guess: say about 350 meters of masking tape & 2500 sq meters of paper


Hi David
This is Jassim Al Hammadi ,your new partner ,in ADU DHABI , I wish that you are not going to go with . LOOOOOOOOL .

Its fine artwork and amazing feat painting an aircraft!!!!!!

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