Recently Ken Fielding shared two very interesting photos with me and I wanted to share them. I figured that it would make sense to do it on the Livery of the Week, since these two liveries are pretty sweet. Here are his photos and information on the airlines in his own words:

Hot Air Vickers Viscount (G-OHOT) taken at Manchester in April 1989

Hot Air Vickers Viscount (G-OHOT) taken at Manchester in April 1989

Apart from a mention in a ‘Defunct British Airlines’ list… nothing!  So I decided to approach from the aircraft, G-OHOT.

The aircraft was one of three that had been operated by British Midland (BMA) for many years and was sold to British Aerospace in a part-exchange deal when BMA took delivery of their new B.Ae ATP’s.  All three were sold at auction in Oct-87 to Sean T. Hully (Sales) Ltd.  Mr Hully, trading as Hot Air in Mar-89, put the other two into service from Heathrow to Paris & Qimper in France.  The airline only lasted the summer of 1989 and the aircraft were sold to British Air Ferries (BAF).  However, although G-OHOT was in full Hot Air livery, it never operated for Hot Air and was leased to Baltic Airlines (another Sean T. Hully company!) and stayed with them before being sold to BAF in Nov-89.  I also have a photo of it in BAF livery in Oct-90.
Trans Caribbean Boeing 727-200 (N8790R) taken at New York JFK on July 9, 197070

Trans Caribbean Boeing 727-200 (N8790R) taken at New York JFK on July 9, 197070

Trans Caribbean was New York based and originally date back to the late 1940’s operating DC-3’s and DC-4’s on New York/Puerto Rico charter services.  They were granted full scheduled service status for New York/Puerto Rico services in Feb-57 with DC-6’s.  They added two DC-9-30’s and the first of 4 DC-8-51’s joined them in Nov-61, followed by a DC-8-61CF in Dec-67.  They took delivery of two B727-200’s in early 1969 and were absorbed into American Airlines at the end of 1970.

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Hi, The information you have for G-OHOT is not acurate.
The aircraft was acquired in 1988 together with Viscounts G-BAPF, G-BAPG, G-BFZL and G-AZNA. The five aircraft were operated from the start by Baltic Airlines (uk) and two were flown by the charter division called HOT Air. It was the same company just a seperate name for the charter operations. It was intended to link up with Baltic Airlines Sweden and operate sceduled services, which didn’t happen. If this photo was taken at Manchester I would suspect it was there to operate the 6 nightly operation from Manchester to Belfast carrying newspapers, on the Sunday it operated to The Isle of Man, again with newspapers. The aircraft was fully covertible to passenger configuration and carried 74 passengers. At the end of 1989 the owners of Baltic Airlines/Hot Air within a consortium bought British Air Ferries and merged the two companies together. There cetainly was no operation from Heathrow to Quimper or Paris, although it is possible the aircraft may have flown there for another airline under a sub-charter operation. The airline specialised in passenger and freight charters, together with leasing to other airlines. The livery was designed by a Company called Qube Graphics. Hope this is of help.

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