How does an airline get a plane made to fly only about 3,000 miles from Seattle, WA to Kigali, Rwanda? I am not really sure, but I bet it involves a lot of fuel stops. This Thursday, RwandAir is set to take delivery of their first Boeing 737-800 with Sky Interior. The airline is very excited to operate the first Boeing aircraft with Sky Interior in Africa. The new interior option is a feature for 737s that gives it an updated look. I have previously had the opportunity to fly from Seattle to Dallas to check out the Sky Interior with American Airlines and was very impressed. Now, I will have the ability to experience the Sky Interior and RwandAir’s newest 737 for a bit longer, since I am lucky enough to be invited for the ride from Seattle to Rwanda.

The 737-800 will leave Boeing Field at about 11am on Thursday and we are supposed to land in Kigali sometime during Saturday. This is going to be a long flight for sure and one probably only an airline geek could love. What is it going to be like to ride in an airplane half way across the world that is designed to barely fly across the US? I am not sure, but I feel an adventure coming on.

At this point, I do not even know what route we will take. I am assuming we will fly over to the eastern side of the US, then over to Iceland and Greenland before getting to Europe. I know that we will be stopping in Istanbul, then down south to Rwanda. Anyone want to take a guess to the exact route (I will update this post with FlightAware tracking information when it is posted)? You better believe I will be taking a lot of photos and sharing some stories when I am done. Until then, I will be running some guest blogs and pre-written content.

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Mark C. (OKC)

Have a great trip David. I see many stories coming from this adventure, it would be too much for just one or two posts. Looking forward to the pictures. Don’t forget the shorts! Be safe.

Boston Flyer

I am guessing SEA-YYR-SNN-IST-KGL, all segments under 3,000 miles. Have fun, and can’t wait for your report

Hi David

It’s very nice that you will be onboard of the first RwandAir 737-800. I would like if i will upload some of your pix on my blog, with your copyright.

I will try to get some informations about your flight.

Have a nice day


Of course. A link back to my blog is all I ask.

Enjoy the trip.

Have a great trip. My guess is a fuel stop in Bangor, ME, Halifax or St John’s, next fuel stop in Reykjavik, Glasgow or Belfast and on to Istambul.

What a great adventure !

I agree with Jeff C — just mapped it out on GC!

Just wondering, though, does the 737 fall under ETOPS? A lot of northern Africa is desolate and without an airport 😉

no Pb david i will put a link. Yep i think too that the flight will make stop in Canada and most of time it’s Glasgow or Iceland.

Sounds like you have a wonderful adventure in front of you. Make sure you check with your doctor re: jabs & tablets.
You may want to start a course of malarone (anti malarial) tablets just to be safe plus get a yellow fever jab before you leave. The last time I was in Ghana a yellow fever jab / documentation was a prerequisite to be able to enter the country … Anyway – have a blast – if you fly over the Sahara make sure you look out of the window (and take pictures) – very very impressive … have fun 🙂

Oh yes. I got six different shots and I have Malaria and Diarrheal pills they gave me. Good times 🙂 Not gonna take a chance.


wow! Dude, welcome to Africa in a couple of hours! Maybe the trip includes going all the way to the Southern most parts, no?

The plane you’re flying has sufficient range to fly over halfway across the continent.


Have a great adventure!
Don’t forget to pick up a gift for your girlfriend and mom!

Joseph Ngoga

Have a good trip! Don’t worry about Maralia! You are welcome in Rwanda

Michael Shie


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