Four Airbus A380's at Toulouse. Click for larger.

Four Airbus A380s at Toulouse. Click for larger.

What a great areal shot. Here you have four Airbus A380s at Toulouse, France. They will be delivered to Qantas, Emirates, Korean Air and China Southern.

Image by Weiyi Shi via with permission

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drew V

I love pictures like this. Truly Awesome!

There is just so much potential in these four planes. Think how many people they will fly and how far they will travel during their life spans.

Yes, I am a nerd.



Speaking of 4 engine aircraft, I think I just saw an Antonov 124 descending over Beacon Hill towards SEA… any info on why it’s there?

Oh I heard about that. Let me check…



Great pic…i was on an SQ 380 up to singapore and back last week from sydney. It’s great when you see three together at changhi…SQ now have 11 with 8 on order
And had the best y class seat in the house..81a!

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