Our Airline Boeing 737-300 (VH-INU)

Our Airline Boeing 737-300 (VH-INU)

Whose airline? Our Airline. I feel there has to be some Abbott and Costello like joke in this airline’s name somewhere.

Our Airline was founded in 1970 as Air Nauru using a chartered Dassault Falcon 20. Due to their initial success, the airline started schedule flights in 1972 using a Fokker F28

In 2006, the airline had a name change to Our Airline during their relaunch in October of that year. The airline is based at Nauru International Airport and today has a fleet of only two Boeing 737-300s. On top of operating scheduled services, the airline also wet leases their 737s to Norfolk Air, Air Kiribati and other cargo and charter services.

The livery looks clean and it works. I only wish they might have used a different font type, since it is a little too wavy for my taste.

Image: Sheba_Also

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Rob Goodman

“So who do you work for, Our Airline. My Airline I don’t have an airline, but he does. ” “who no Our, Mine no Our, but I don’t, oh forget it.”

Sorry I could not resist.

No, no please keep going 🙂


Mark M

Does that mean all flights last an “our”???

Which flights? Our flights or your flights?

Mark M

Your flights are an our flight

Mark M

Your flight takes an our to get there if Im right

I can see the rename committee meeting now. It’s 4:50 on a Friday afternoon happy hour is about to start. The boss just divorced his wife and wants to go drinking, but realizes he can’t leave until the new name is picked cause Air Nauru is not playing well in the US cause it sounds foreign and he needs to make money to buy a yellow corvette to pick up chicks. Some one says, “lets get serious we need a better name for our airline. What the heck can we call our airline.” The boss says “Done!, Our Airline is perfect its in English and simple. To the bar!”

If Our Airline is late, the gate sign gets flipped and reads, Their Airline!”

Or, make it bit shorter with “Theirline.”

“Thank you for flying Our Airline”… That sounds just like the PA announcement of a typical made-for-TV movie where the airline has no name 😉

For your information it was named ‘Our Airline’ as a sign of pride that Nauru and the other smaller nations of the Pacific retained some sort of control over their own destiny. After years of bizarre US diplomacy involving the country’s previous aircraft lease & repossession, a financing deal was worked with Taiwan for a new aircraft (seen in photo) to provide a much needed air link.

Thanks Jack for sharing!


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