The new Airbus Corporate Jet livery. Click for much larger.

The new Airbus Corporate Jet livery. Click for much larger.

Airbus has revealed a new livery and brand for their line of corporate jets. The new livery reflects the look that many customers choose for their own private jets. Along with the new livery, Airbus Corporate Jets will have new nomenclature.

Instead of the standard “A” in front of an aircraft’s name (ie A330), it will be “ACJ” for the corporate jets (ie ACJ330).

’œAirbus has always been an innovator, regularly introducing improvements for the benefit of its customers, and we wanted to reflect this in our corporate jet family by introducing new branding, colours and names that provide a fresher and more modern look,’ declares Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy. ’œOne of our greatest strengths is having the world’s most modern aircraft family, and this is reflected in the new Airbus corporate jet branding,’ he adds.

Although the ACJ318 to ACJ320 are the more popular models, customers are able to order aircraft as large as the ACJ380. To date, there have been 170 Airbus Corporate Jets sold, flying on every continent, including Antarctica.

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R Lopaka

Nope….doesn’t work. You can still tell it’s an Airbus!!!

They surely could have come up with something more striking than this. Can you post an article about the WTO ruling between Airbus and Boeing? I’m curious to read opinions on this.

I think Airbus wanted to keep it a bit more conservative. On average, the type of person who can drop $40million+ on an airplane most likely will be a bit conservative.

The WTO stuff is pretty nuts and a lot of self-serving perspectives depending on who you listen to. I have read a lot about it, but still confused. Don’t worry, I am still working on figuring it all out 🙂


R Lopaka

I’d bet if ya bought an A-380 biz jet you could get it painted as striking as you want. Has anybody bought a private A-380 yet? I was thinking one was ordered? Had an elevator to the ramp. But,Yes you’d expect something more exotic from za French.

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