Texas is known for going big or going home. Well, back in 1991, they went big with an anti-littering campaign using low flying, old military aircraft and I think they make their point. This one shows a B-17 sneaking up onto a truck after they litter — a big no no.

Although the commercial is pretty impressive, be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage of the many low approaches it took to get the commercial done. How would you like to have been on that road during filming? Yes please! Talk about some amazing flying.

Thanks to Jeremy for hunting down this one.

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Rob Goodman

I wish we could do this nationwide. I love this video!!!!!!!!!!!


The behind the scenes footage is well worth watching. I’ll bet that those B-17 drivers had a LOT of fun that day! -C.

Rob Goodman

I wish they would have used “FIFI” their B-29 also….Oh baby!!!!

R Lopaka

Gee, Hope that B-17 wasn’t breaking the posted speed limit!?!? He was certainly low enough to read the speed limit signs. Boeing Baby!!! Great vids Thanks

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