Let’s get some block rock’n beats up at 30,000 feet. I think this is a fun and clever ad from Virgin America showing their fun, party-like atmosphere. If you like that one, you will like these as well:

* Mood lighting makes everything better
* Your office at 35,000 feet
* Find what you fancy
* Yum when you want it
* Complete your mission on the fly

Nicely done Virgin American — nicely done.

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An Inside Look at American Airlines Admirals Club at San Francisco

OMG! and I thought that AR was a “G” rated blog . More seriously… I’d like to see more details about the FAA’s ATC ‘schedule adjustments. We know that 27-ish towers have increased staffing from 01 to 02 for the overnight shift. I’m a LOT more interested in the suggestions that a controller may be assigned to as many as THREE different shifts within a single week. As one who is recently retired from 40+ years of mostly rotating shift work, I can tell you this: A stable shift, even the often hated night or graveyard shift is perfectly doable, as long as it is stable. Three changes within a week (hell, even within a month) is asking for serious trouble. I’d like to see some contract details, FAA scheduling policy and accurate examples of actual controller’s schedules. For some reason, no one (at the FAA) will provide any significant detail. The union is my next inquiry. If they won’t talk, then I’m really going to wonder. Since YOU are the REPORTER, have you made any inquiries? -C.

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