Qatar Boeing 777-200LR (A7-BBD) at Paine Field.

Qatar Boeing 777-200LR (A7-BBD) at Paine Field.

First off, who the heck is Qatar Airways? They have been around since 1993, but have really been growing rapidly into North America in the past few years. They are based (can you take a guess) in Qatar at Doha International Airport. They already have a fleet of 95 aircraft and 182 additional on order. Now, that is growth.

And we aren’t talking small planes either. They have 80 Airbus A350s, 60 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, 29 Boeing 777s and five Airbus A380s all on order (also 8 Airbus A321s, but those aren’t too big).

Anyhow, Qatar Airways is celebrating their 100th destination and they want to give away 100 free tickets.

Between now and April 16th you can sign up on their website for a chance to win a pair of economy class tickets to anywhere they fly. The beauty is there are no essays, no videos, no creative photos needed to win this contest. Just you filling out a quick form and hope to get lucky. Game on!

Image: Drewski2112

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Do you have a picture of one of their A350s? I’d REALLY like to see it.

Peter Barnes

Sad comment “Who the heck are Qatar Airways” – though not surprising from an American.
A very highly respected high quality airline (rated 5 star – note: no US carriers are rated 5 star and JetBlue is the only 4 star US carrier!).

Hey Peter, that was the point I was trying to make. I don’t think most Americans are aware of the airline and the should. It is quickly becoming a global player.



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