Lufthansa's first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental at Paine Field on March 21, 2011. Click for larger.

Lufthansa's first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental at Paine Field on March 21, 2011. Photo by Lee Karas. Click for larger.

The very first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental got a lot of great attention this Sunday, flying for the first time. However, I think some attention should go to the first 747-8I to be delivered to an airline.

The second Intercontinental (RC022) will be the first to go to an airline: Lufthansa Airlines and was caught out at Paine Field. Lufthansa’s first 747-8I came out of the paint hangar on Monday March 21st. She is painted with a gray belly and blue tail.

I am in process of finding out when the titles and logo will be put on the 747-8I. Not having them present makes me question if there might be some special livery or a new, updated livery for Lufthansa. Until I find out… let the rumors fly.

A huge thank you to Lee Karas for taking this photo and letting me share it.

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Oh, ya gotta love that!

And thanks, David, for doing your part to remind people that flying is fun. I try to convince others, but I must not be persuasive enough …


Nice Shot of -8I-#2. Of note: The upper deck of the -8I is appears to be significantly different from the UD of the –8F. THe -8F still has some significant space up there. How is it used? Got any pix? -C.


Addendum to the foregoing: Sure, there is some crew rest space and perhaps even a modest galley. That still soes not account for the upper deck. Other uses on the -8F? Agaon, any pix or diagrams? Thanks.


Once upon time, Japan Airlines ordered over 100 B747 from -100 to-400, but now their B47 fleets will be demolished by order of banking fir to restructure new JAL. It was symbol of JAL nation flag carrier and witnessed as many as 6 B747 parked at Anchorage International Airport during 197s to 1990s.
With ever popular full flat first class seats,and business class seats, total capacity of has decreased especially B777 series. I think, this B747-8i can increase seating configuration.

Rani Coellonia

Suggestion for a new livery
I like the design by Max Paramonnik on “Aviation Designs”:
… actually based on a lyvery design suggestion for Star Alliance:
Greetings from Germany

“The second Intercontinental (RC021) will be the first to go to an airline”

Sure? After flight test the airplane will go to refurbishment so it will be delivered later in 2012.

I guess this aircraft will be the first delivery of a 747-8i to an airline:
L/N 1443 – 747-830, RC022, serial number 37827, Lufthansa #2, D-ABYA

About the livery, I could be that Lufthansa don’t want the livery on the aircraft during flight test, so the markings and logo will be put prior delivery.

Thanks Ron, not sure how I missed that. It has been updated.


Rani Coellonia

Hi David,
anything new about the reason why they didn’t finish the livery? Or is Ron maybe right with his guess?
Greetings from Cologne, Germany

Not yet, haven’t heard back from Lufthansa. Let me try again.




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