Come see a Dreamlifter up close at the Future of Flight.

Come see a Dreamlifter up close at the Future of Flight.

With the unveiling of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, some of your favorite aviation journalists are all in Seattle. What better time to have a little TweetUp? What the heck is a TweetUp you ask? It is an in-person meeting of like-minded people from Twitter getting together to hang out. This TweetUp still start at about 3pm and go for about an hour. Come say hello to cool folks like Jon Ostrower (Flight Blogger) and others. We will also get VIP access to take photos of the Dreamlifter parked next to the Future of Flight.

Although many of the media folks will be busy writing up stories and posting photos on the Boeing 747-8I earlier in the day on Sunday, if you want to arrive early to Paine Field, you can also check out the new MiG 29 that is housed at the Historic Flight. Unfortunately, all the other great aviation places at Paine Field will be closed on Sunday, but the Future of Flight and Historic Flight should keep you entertained enough.

No need to sign up, just show up in the Future of Flight lobby at 3pm (directions). Bring your camera and your mobile device to Tweet — see you there!

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Photos: Factory Floor Tour of the Boeing 747-8

Wow! How cool would that be! Wish I lived in SEA.

Don’t you get free flights? šŸ™‚

I used to work at the everett factory and worked on the 777 program. I am an airplane geek and miss seeing all the beautiful boeing birds. How does one become an airplane reporter? Also, that picture of the Dreamlifter.. is that a set of JAL 787s in the background? If so, didn’t JAL just announce a more retro livery bringing back the red crane and just plane black font? Already will have to repaint their dreamliners? talk about expense when re-organizing.


Well if you are still in the Seattle area, you should do the Tweet Up. Not really sure how to say one becomes an airline blogger. Lots of free time and drive? :).

There are currently 5 Boeing 787’s that are parked next to the Future of Flight. JAL is doing a new livery, but their 787’s have already been painted in their old. Their new livery will premiere on a Boeing 767-300ER. Not sure if they will re-paint or just wait until they have to be re-painted. But yes, it is unfortunate they didn’t make this decision before.


Were any of you guys at KBFI taking pictures of ZA001 landing around 2:40pm? I got a quick picture of it landing and noticed a few guys with some big Nikon gear not that far down from me.

Don’t think it was anyone from the TweetUp, but there are lots of plane spotters in the greater Seattle area.


Hey David,

Had a question and figured you or someone else would be able to answer it. Is the upper deck of the new 747-8I any longer then the upper deck of the 747-400?


It sure is. About 13′ bigger up top. Can def tell from the outside and inside. Overall the plane is 19′ longer.


Thanks for the answer David. I knew the overall length was about 19′ longer and it sure looked like the upper deck was longer from the pics, but I was not able to find any facts that stated the upper deck was extended. Thanks again for the answer. John

Isaac Alexander

David, how many people made it for the Tweet Up? So bummed I didn’t get to make it out.

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