Transavia Boeing 737-700

Transavia Boeing 737-700

Transavia.com is the actual name of the airline. It used to be known as just Transavia Airlines, but in 2005 they changed their name to include the “.com”. The airline was founded in 1966 and is a low cost carrier, based out of Amsterdam. It is currently owned by the AirFrance-KLM group, but operates independently.

Their fleet is made up of all Boeing 737 aircraft, with 10 -700s and 19 -800s currently in service. The airline flies flights in Europe and to Africa and Asia. The airline has two sub operations: Transavia.co France and Transavia.com Denmark, based out of Paris and Copenhagen respectively.

Their old livery was quite plain and not exciting, but I am a big fan of their current one. It is simple, yet bold. It is rare to find a livery that has a ring around the fuselage of the aircraft. I only wish they would have some color on the winglets and not just make them all white.

Image: Per aspera ad Astra

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Robert Goodman

HV has subleased planes to SY since 2002. SY has even sent a plane to AMS to help them out. IIRC they, (SY) has 2 HV planes currently for the winter.

How about doing on story on SY. I think of them as the little airline that did. I am ex SY employee.

Hey Robert,

Thanks for the information. I would love to do a piece on Sun Country, but they seem to be one of those airlines that don’t communicate well. I have tried to contact them via multiple ways with no reply. If you still have some inside contacts… ๐Ÿ™‚


Robert is correct, you can currently find a couple of their 800’s flying for suncountry. I see them in Denver every once in awhile they go msp-denโ€”ifp and back. Robert did you used to work in DEN?

Robert Goodman


I don’t particularly like this livery but that’s my preference. ๐Ÿ™‚

“This airline is sponsored by the Letter T”

Neil Lee

Its a pity your photo is of a 737-700, most colour schemes are better on a longer aircraft, in ths case an 800. In the Netherlands, this livery is generally described as the cigar wrapper. Transavia’s best livery was back at the beginning of the ’70s when their green and black design, as Drew says, emphasising the letter T was innovative. Unfortunately this worked on their Caravelles and 707’s but not on the 737-200’s which replaced them. The colour schemes during the last twenty five years have been relatively simple to make repainting easier when leasing.

Gee, and all this time I thought Twitter had started an airline. Darn!


I actually like the white one (though the photo supplied with the blue livery is pretty, too). The stripes on the fuselage are fun!

It’s interesting to see all the different liveries – and the absolutely amazing diversity in airlines. Just amazing.

I used to fly them from Rotterdam to Stansted (London) & Linkoping (Stockholm) in 2003/04. They operated as Basiq Air, but dropped that brand soon after.

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