This is surely not the first time-lapse livery video we have seen, but this one is unique. Instead of starting the video of the aircraft being pulled into a paint hangar, we start the video with watching the actual Airbus A320 being manufactured. Probably my favorite part is seeing how they have to raise the nose, which lowers the tail, to get the A320 out of the manufacturing hangar (at about 2:35).

“In celebration of Air New Zealand’s long running support of rugby in New Zealand, our first new A320 will arrive in January sporting a sleek black livery complete with silver fern motif and Koru on its tail,” says Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe. This is the seventeenth year that the airline has sponsored the New Zealand Rugby Football union.

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VIDEO: The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Has a First Simulated Flight

Another FUN video from Boeing. They have several. The speed-build clips are nice, but I wish that one could slow them down a bit; too much of that facinating process gets lost with the ‘quick cut’ presentation.

Yuk. Obviously designed by the same tasteless people who made Air New Zealand’s revolting uniforms. And not environmentally responsible either, imagine how much extra APU crank will be required to cool the cabin before a flight after the black fuselage has been sitting in the down under sun.

Air New Zealand will be replacing their Boeing 737-300 aircraft with the new A320 Sharklet aircraft. Air New Zealand was the last airline to receive deliveries of the Boeing 737-300 in 1998.

While I am not really a fan of rugby I am Crazy About This livery. That thing is awesome looking.


How long take build a airbus/boeing plane?

Richard D

After final painting what does the letters above the cockpit windows mean. Secondly Craig the A320 is built by Airbus not Boeing and Dan the koru’s have cultural significants to New Zealand and it is not that hot here, on average. Also I would love to know why you think it is “tasteless” as the men from Boeing when they painted a B777-300ER in the same livery that it was very complicated and one of the best livers they have seen in a number of years.

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