The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental is one step closer to taking flight. The 747-8I has 133 miles of wires and a heck of a lot of power systems.Although the aircraft might look similar to the Boeing 747-400, Bernard Choi on the video reminds us that, “beneath the familiar exterior lies a suite of new technology, all of which need power to function. For example, the Intercontinental features a more powerful flight management computer, the option of dual electronic flight bags, and a new wing with control services that are fly-by-wire, all features that make it easier to pilot the  airplane. At the same time, a new cabin services system, including LED lights, will make the 747-8 Intercontinental a more comfortable space for passengers.”


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Jonathan Anderson

Video appears to be broken…

That is odd…working for me in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Try restarting your browser?


The video works for me with Firefox on Linux.

That cockpit looks exactly the same as the Boeing 747-400, if anythinhg very small differences.

Flight Simulator 747

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