Allegiant Air MD-83

Allegiant Air MD-83

If you follow Allegiant Airlines on Twitter, you noticed a lot of announcements for new routes recently. I have been talking a lot about their Boeing 757’s getting painted in their livery, but I wanted to talk about all the new action their MD-80’s will be seeing. Here is a list of new routes they announced that will be starting next week:

Some of the new Allegiant routes start next week

Some of the new Allegiant routes start next week

Just in time for the winter to allow people in colder climates to get to warmer ones. All these new flights will be flown by Allegiant’s MD-80 aircraft. This means (hopefully) there should be some more announcements here in the near future that involve Allegiant’s new Boeing 757s.

One destination I am disappointed not to see is Paine Field. As I discussed earlier in the year, Allegiant Air and Horizon Air were looking to fly into Paine Field, which is located about 20 miles north of Seattle. At this point, everyone is still waiting and no decision has been made.

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That is useful, I myself am tired of waiting for a ticket to get on a plane.

when are you planning to fly out of winnipeg,manitoba

when are you planning to fly out of winnipeg,manitoba..???

Dean Carter

I fly to Huston’s IAH Busch several times a year any chance you might be going THAT WAY?

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