Ah, landing at Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong used to be the life. From 1925 to 1998 it was the only airport with access to Hong Kong. Landing on Runway 13 always provided entertainment for the pilot and folks on the ground, but probably a lot of fear for those sitting in the back of the aircraft.

Today I am sharing four videos high lighting how exciting landing with large aircraft at Kai Tak Airport used to be. However, in 1998 a new airport was opened, Hong Kong International Airport and Kai Tak was closed.

VIDEO1: Shown above, shows a Japan Air Lines Boeing 747 Freighter from the ground landing at Kai Tak Airport

VIDEO2: Shows from the city how the large aircraft looked flying over.

VIDEO3: Takes a look at the approach from the cockpit

I never had the opportunity to land at Kai Tak, anyone else care to share their stories in the comments?

Found at tnooz via Shashank @ Simpliflying

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Missing the Good Old Days of Flying? It Still Exists in First Class

Yay! Isn’t that something else? I swear, I’ve watched these and many others over and over and never get bored.


great set of videos. The last one is better if you view without the music.

Yea, sometimes the music on these things can be very distracting!


Fantastic video’s David, at least the music was better than some rap crap or head banging heavy metal garbage.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA)


Kai Tak: Upon landing the 1st thing i always observed was the smell of the ocean coming inside the cabin. I hated those orange plastic seats in the terminal, very uncomfortable when waiting for space on flights. Nice staff, I recall one CX agent who took me out for lunch! I was there on the last day as well, just to say “good bye”. Thank-you Kai Tak, I’ll never forget you!

Hi Dave,
Have landed in HKG several times and yes it can be scary sitting in steerage on the right hand side of the aircraft. Greatest roller-coaster ride on earth if theres a crosswind!


when northwest first started flying into Atlanta many years ago, they offered airline employees very much reduced fares from ORD to Hong Kong in Dec. for Christmas shopping…my wife worked on the delta ticket counter, so we made reservations for their trip…we boarded NW 007, a 747 in ORD and stopped in SEA,Toyko and finally Hong Kong just after midnight…we were late and there was some concern they wouldn’t let us land, but we did…very long day on that 747…..

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