Cheers! Me on Horizon Air this last weekend flying to Reno.

Cheers! Me on Horizon Air this last weekend flying to Reno (review coming soon).

In 11 days I will be celebrating two years of writing this blog. A lot has changed since then and it has been an awesome ride. I have loved being able to share my passion for airlines and aviation and it seems some of you enjoy it too. Today marks a big milestone for my life and for the blog and I hope it all works out for the best.

On top of writing the blog, I have been working at a 40 hours per week job. It has been difficult to juggle both (on top of other stuff in everyday life), but very worth it. An opportunity came up recenty where I am able to only work 20hrs per week until September 1st, where I go to 30hrs per week after that and I took it!

I will be selling my car, tightening my belt on expenses, but I am willing to do so to make a serious effort on this blog.  I hope to provide more and better content and have more time to do some pretty cool stuff (ie get a ride in a Beechcraft Starship).

As always, if you have any suggestions about making revenue, blog ideas or anything, please feel free to contact me.

I am very excited and look forward to bringing more unique content for the blog!

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