Yesterday I headed over to the Future of Flight and designed my own airplane. You have until June 7th to design your own airplane and submit it to the Future of Flight and have it displayed. Obviously you don’t need hardcore skills, just a little imagination and some crayons work! Make me proud, submit your airplane design.

More information.

A special thanks to Sandy at the Future of Flight for taking this video!

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Seeing Apolo Ohno and the Winners of Alaska Airlines Contest off to Maui

Interesting design, I bet you can fit more people in there than in an A380, but I think you ain’t gonna win a price for aerodinamic design.

Maybe I can make it a space plane where aerodynamics don’t matter 🙂

Yeah don’t quit your day job Dave 🙂 I think that they moved away from the cubed thing a while ago, since the Comet I beleive if you remember what happened there.

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