Niki Airbus A320-214 (OE-LEO) at Frankfurt

Niki Airbus A320-214 (OE-LEO) at Frankfurt

Niki, is an airline based out of Vienna International Airport. It has a fleet of two Airbus A321 (212-seats), six Airbus of the type A320 (180-seats), two Airbus of the type A319 (150-seats), and four Embraer E 190 (104-seats). Each aircraft has a unique name of a dance.  Check out Niki’s fleet page for the names.

The airline was founded by ex-Grand Prix driver, Niki Lauda, who left Lauda Air in 2000. After acquiring Aero Lloyd Austria, he started his new airline. In early 2010 Air Berlin has had a 49.9% stake in the airline.

I am not quite sure about the bug on the front of the livery (anyone have any guesses?). I tried to contact Niki to get an answer, but as of posting this, I have heard nothing.

Image: Axel J

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This is easily one of my favorites.

The flies are on the front because the catchphrase for the airline is ‘fly niki’

I thought that was too obvious. They are catchy at least!



I find something remotely disturbing about the cartoon fly on the plane, as we’re all taught to believe that they’re filthy and carry disease. But it is cute in a gross kind of way, I suppose.

Haha, good point!

I think they make it cute enough? But not really cute enough to be a mascot, but looks like their branding is revolved more around their name.


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