Star Peru Airlines Boeing 737-200 0B-1841-P

Star Peru Airlines Boeing 737-200 0B-1841-P

Star Peru is a low cost airline based in Lima, Peru. They only have a fleet of five aircraft, five BAE 146’s and one Boeing 737-200. They serve 11 airports all with-in Peru. The airline started in 1997 with a single Antonov An-32 for cargo and charter and expanded to commercial passengers in 2004 with their purchase of the Boeing 737-200.

Image: Savvas

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Good to know that all countries have their low cost airlines. Here in South Africa we have , Mango Airlines and 1Time airlines, these are all low cost airlines that travel to and from South Africa.


Wow!!!! B372 is still lively flying around. First time I had chance to fly was 1967 while I was transferring from East cost to west cost in US Navy. Since then I like the airplane.
Boeing sure makes strong airplane.

That’s great to know as I need to use Star Peru next month. Thanks for the tip.

All things cosidderen, this is a first class post

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