Not something you want to see while in mid-flight

Not something you want to see while in mid-flight

About a week and a half ago I was telling you about how a scorpion got loose on a Southwest Airline’s flight. Well, Egyptair has gone one step further. Last Friday,  there was a foot-long baby crocodile walking around in the aisle on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo.

The crew managed to re-capture the reptile and it is currently living at the Giza Zoo in Cairo. After the flight, all the passengers were questioned and no one was willing to take credit for the croc.

Most likely someone was trying to illegally smuggle the animal and it managed to get loose while airborne. It is going to be hard to outdo a crocodile, but maybe someone out there can do it!

Photoshop by AirlineReporter
Orig photos: Brenda’s Photos, Drewski2112

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But I do want to see a talking crocodile on my flight! He’s so cute and lonely!

Man, this story is a croc.. sorry, had to figure out a way to jam in the pun. On a recent business trip I had a lady sitting next to me and her bag kept moving. She had smuggled her annoying rat-looking dog on the plane… where is a hungry croc when you need one?

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