Ooops!  AA's Boeing 767-300 fell on its nose!

Ooops! AA's Boeing 767-300 fell on its nose!

The American Airlines’ 767-300 had just finished undergoing maintenance at Fort Worth when “the nose gear retracted and put the aircraft on its nose,” says a spokesperson for AA.

No personnel were hurt and the plane has been being assessed for damage since the incident on July 15th.  AA doesn’t expect any change in schedule due to the absence of this plane.

Terry Maxon with Dallas Morning News’ Airline Biz Blog has several additional photos.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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I don’t remember this level being here………….

A 767 sitting nose-down after a gear collapse… This sounds vaguely familiar. No, actually very familiar. I’m sure this plane was not as badly damaged as the Air Canada 767 in 1983 that became known as the “Gimli Glider”. On that one, the nose gear collapsed during landing. It was repaired and returned for 25 more years of service before being retired to Mojave in early 2008. Canadians and aviation buffs would spot the plane like a celebrity by its tail number. So there’s really no doubt they’ll fix this one and fly it for years. Now we just need to give it a name… how about the Fort Worth Flop? 🙂

Please put your plane back in the upright position for landing.

Ha! Yea, that is a very important thing to remember!

I thought you installed the nose landing gear safety pin. No, I thought you did…

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