The Brazilian Military has been heading to the location where another jetliner reported seeing flames on the ocean previously.

When the Brazilian military planes arrived they found a 3 mile long path of debris from the Air France jet carrying 228 people.

The ocean depth at the crash location is about 3 miles. With the area and depth of the crash scene, it will be very difficult to track down the cockpit and the blackbox, which records much of the flight data.

A few unverifiable objects (life vests, seats) have been found among the mostly unidentifiable wreckage, but no signs of any of the 228 aboard at this point.

There is still only speculation to what caused this crash. It is known the flight hit heavy weather and it seems there was little time for the pilots to make a Mayday call.

Our thoughts go out to all those who are affected by this tragic loss.

Read the most up-to-date information on this story.


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It seems strange that in this day and age we might never know what happened to cause this crash.


I am hopeful it’s a real-life episode of Lost… or am I the only one who thought that?


Thanks for that link to the site with up-to-date information on this story. The newspapers over here are making much of the fact that the black box will stop emitting signals in 30 days so it must be found before then. I just hope that the search is successful and that the industry can learn how to prevent future accidents from what it says, and that it really WAS an accident!!!

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