People representing AirTran contacted me the other day asking if I would like to have them fly me over to Baltimore to go on a “special flight” where they will make public to the world what will be on every AirTran flight (I kinda hope it is more cowbell). This Monday I will fly out of Seattle, WA non-stop to Baltimore, of course on AirTran, to prepare for the big reveal early Tuesday morning.

I just hope they don’t send me over as they show in one of their commercials above!

MULTI-PART BLOG: Part 1, Part2, More to come.

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This sounds like a great time. Let us know what they tell you!


Wow! I’ll be sure to read your blog! Have fun!

I hope it’s fondue! or helper monkeys…

Well, if it is helper monkeys, maybe I will let them make the post for me 🙂

That WOULD be helpful


Wait, we aren’t supposed to travel via shipping boxes to save money? I’m flying AirTran from now on! Comfy seat is going to work much better than packing corns! Cheers to your invitation Airline Blogger!

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