Let's Honk for JetBlue

Let's Honk for JetBlue

There has been a lot of bad economic news for the airline industry for a long while now. But many individuals are starting to feel the pain of the suffering economy by losing their jobs.

To assist those unfortunate people who lose their jobs, JetBlue Airways is offering a full refund to anyone “who experiecnes involuntary full-time job loss prior to their trip.” This is quite helpful for those who planned a nice vacation before receiving a pink slip for sure (even though that is probably a time where they need a vacation the most).

The JetBlue Promise Program also allows people to be confident in purchasing new tickets, if their job is on the line. Of course there are the normal restrictions (must give 2 weeks notice, your flight must be booked from Feb 1 to June 1 2009, and you must lose your job on Feb 17th or later). All that being said, it is kind of nice an airline helping out someone who might need a nice vacation right about now!

Source: JetBlue.com Image: jetblueflickr

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