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The public cannot take photos in the Boeing factory, nor even get angles like this. As an AirlineReporter writer -- you can. Photo: David Parker Brown

The public cannot take photos in the Boeing factory, nor even get angles like this. As an AirlineReporter writer — you can.

Hello and thank you for your interest in writing for AirlineReporter. We wanted to create this page to give you an idea of who we are, what we can do for you, what you can do for us, and how things work around here.

Today, we are a team of writers, located in different cities, on  continents. We have flown miles to bring interesting content to our readers.


  • Exposure: We have page views per month and are growing. We have engaged Twitter followers, views on Flickr, and views on our YouTube account. Your stories and media will be seen by important people in the industry, other high-end media, frequent fliers, and AvGeeks. Not to mention our writers have been featured and/or quoted on outlets like CNN, BBC, CNBC, Reuters, CBC, NPR, Marketplace, FOX, Huffington Post, Forbes, APEX magazine, USA Today, and many others.
  • Resume Build: Writing for a well-respected aviation outlet will help bolster your resume for future potential opportunities. We have had many writers go on to do other wonderful aviation and media related jobs using the skills they built with us.
  • Access: After building trust and writing some stories, we can get behind-the-scenes access to our writers at airlines, airports, museums, delivery flights, etc. – the type of access that the general public is not able to have.
  • Media Trips: For writers who put in time and effort and prove themselves, we have flown hundreds of thousands of miles on trips including Fiji, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, London, Rio, and many more.
  • Fun and Friendships: We are a fun team that just get along. Not only have many of us become strong friends, but we get to meet so many wonderful people while representing AirlineReporter.
Our team flew over 360,000 miles in 2015 for stories. Photo: gcmap.com

Our team flew over 360,000 miles in 2014 for stories – Image: gcmap.com


  • Ability to Write: We are dedicated to producing quality content.  We much rather spend time helping you come up with ideas, connect with people in the business, and tell your story than edit grammar.
  • Independent:  Successful writers need to quickly be able to adapt to our standards, accept feedback, and be willing to learn.
  • Passion: If you are not an AvGeek (or do not even know that word) and/or you haven’t read AirlineReporter very much, things will probably not work out. We want you to be excited to tell your stories… that enthusiasm shows through.
  • Story Ideas: You should be able to pitch story ideas to us and have a game plan on how to make it a compelling story.
  • Conversational Tone: We are different from many other media outlets since we try to keep a laid-back conversational tone. We want people to live through our experiences.
  • Photos: You do not need to be a professional, nor have really expensive equipment. But you need to be able to at least take a few decent photos. Our stories are very visual and many times the photos make the story.
When flying for stories, most of the time you get to fly Business Class -- which isn't too bad. This is Singapore Airlines' new J on the 777-300ER

When flying for stories, most of the time you get to fly Business Class. This is Singapore Airlines’ new J on the 777-300ER

The one thing that we are not able to do right now is pay for stories. The site brings in revenue, but it is used to keep the site online. Most of our writers have other jobs and support AirlineReporter because they are passionate about what we do and what we can offer.

If you made it down this far and are still interested — AWESOME! Email us at write@airlinereporter.com and pitch us a story or two. A few tips to help you out: #1 Most of our first pitches are flight reviews – most are rejected, so we suggest something else. #2 Be as concise as possible. #3 Share with us a bit on who you are, what you do — this is more than just stories, but being a fun team (if you have a LinkedIn or portfolio, be sure to share those too)!

If your pitch is accepted, then we would want to review your story and decide if we want to keep moving forward.  If we like what you got, you will email us your story and photos and we will put it into our system (we use WordPress). If we keep moving forward, we will give you your own account to build your stories yourself. Then as the trust is built and you show you are in to what we do, then the cool stuff starts happening — more access, business cards, a bigger title, and of course, trips.

Welcome to the AirlineReporter family!