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Gibraltar Airport, Where a Road Goes Through the Runway

British Airways Boeing 737 G-LGTE stops traffic at Gibraltar Airport.

British Airways Boeing 737 G-LGTE stops traffic at Gibraltar Airport.

Gibraltar is a British territory located just south of Spain and is less than three square miles. The Gibraltar Airport is the closest airport to a city center (only about 1/3 of a mile) in the world and only five airlines currently serve the airport.

What probably makes it most unique is having the main road connecting Gibraltar to Spain, Winston Churchill Avenue, go right over the runways. Every time a plane takes off or lands, traffic must be stopped.

The airport is in the middle of being renovated. Not only will they be increasing the terminal three fold, they are also constructing a tunnel for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Although this will make the city and airport run more efficiently, it the airport will lost a little of its unique character.

More Pictures:
* British Airways taking off
* Ariel showing the road, Giraltar Rock, and town
* Iberia Airbus A320 landing (they have stopped flying to Gibraltar as of September 2008)
* Google map satellite view

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Image: kpmarek

British Airways to "merge" with Iberia


British Airways has announced that it is going to merge with long-time partner Iberia. Even though both airlines will keep separate identities (for now) they will still have a combined 450 aircraft and over 250 destinations.


This comes as no surprise as more and more airlines are looking to merge and save money and resources. Even though the BA chief executive Willie Walsh says it is “far too early” to say if any jobs will be lost, it is most likely the new combined airline will need to cut jobs to help save on costs. 

Source: The Press Association Original Image: Thomas Becker