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Reykjavà­k’s Old Harbor, home of commercial fishing outfits, whale watching tours, and workboats alike.

Reykjavà­k’s Old Harbor – just one of the many beautiful views of Iceland. Image: Nicholas Smith /

Being based in Seattle, Icelandair’s nonstop flights bring Reykjavà­k about as close as the flight to Miami. The question that everyone keeps asking me, though, is ’œwhy would you visit Iceland?’

Iceland’s terrain and activities match Seattle’s ’œweather be damned’ love affair with the outdoors to the tee.  The trans-continental island’s atmosphere is unrelentingly Myst-esque; clean, fresh, bright, and utterly colorful.  The temperate climate, driven by the warm Irminger Current, keeps the island nation splendid throughout the year. The looks are reason enough to visit, but adventure doesn’t come from looks alone.