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One of Viva Colombia's Airbus A320s. Image by Santiago Narayana via Wikipedia.

One of VivaColombia’s Airbus A320s. Image by Santiago Narayana via Wikipedia.

VivaColombia (5Z), according to their website, is “the first and only low-cost airline of Colombia.” They started in May of 2012 and operate a fleet of four Airbus A320s that service nine Colombian destinations.

They hope to grow their fleet by three additional A320s, all configured in a snug 180 seats, and expand to destinations in Central, South and North America.

The livery is simplistic and has different color balls, representing the three colors of the Colombian flag. I think the livery looks okay, but would probably look better on the shorter A319 or A318.

If the design looks familiar, probably because it is the same concept used by VivaAerobus, based in Mexico. Both airlines have some common investors, which explains the “stolen” livery design. I think it comes off better on the shorter Boeing 737-300 of VivaAerobus versus the longer A320.