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ualfood_08-19-08-thumb-300x225Almost feel like should call this “The Airline Cutback Blog” but that is what keeps popping up in the airline news. This time United Airlines is stopping some free meal services on international flights. Meal cutbacks has not been anything new, but for a domestic airline to start cutting back on international flights is something new and not improved.

Also expect prices for buying food on United to increase by the end of the year.

Source: Bloomberg Image: Salt&Vinegar

United Airlines Boeing 777

United Airlines Boeing 777

From July 19th to July 27th of this year, United Airlines has had to cancel 329 flights, causing issues for over 36,000 passengers. United has filed suit against the Air Line Pilots Association and four pilots stating that they are purposely causing “slowdowns” with United and pressuring pilots to take more sick leave and not fill in for pilots that do take sick leave.


I am all for people protesting not being treated correctly, but first off is this the proper way to do it? Secondly is this the proper time to be doing it? Already airlines and passengers are strapped for cash and patience. These actions hurt with both.


Source: NYTimes Image: Thomas Becker