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Robin Hood Airport

Robin Hood Airport

We have seen what happens when someone calls or emails a bomb threat to an airline or airport. With the popularity of Twitter, it was only amount of time before someone tweeted a threat.

Paul Chambers, a finance supervisor living in England was not happy about Doncaster’s Robin Hood airport not staying open because of snow. Like many he showed his anger on Twitter, but he might have gone a little too far. “Robin Hood airport is closed,” he tweeted. “You’ve got a week and a bit to get your s#@* together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!!”

It is easy for someone tweet an opinion without really thinking about it. Sitting in a robe, ranting, forgetting others (ie police) can be reading. Someone tipped off  the South Yorkshire Police who took Chambers’ tweet very seriously. He was arrested and questioned for seven hours before being released on bail. He has been suspended from his job and had his iPhone and laptop confiscated. He is also not welcome at the Robin Hood Airport for life.

Now, people should know that even a joke isn’t taken lightly, but should the police have reacted so aggressively towards Mr. Chambers? Or was he just blowing off a little steam and took it one step too far?

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Source: Guardian Image: Robin Hood Airport