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When I first watched Air New Zealand’s new safety video — I did not like it, but I was willing to give it a second chance.

I knew going into it, the bar was going to be set high. ANZ has been known for coming up with pretty epic videos:

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When I first heard that ANZ was coming out with a new video, I actually got a little giddy. I wasn’t sure how they would go about topping their other videos, but I had high expectations that they would.

In the email informing me of the soon-to-be-released video,  I was told I would see, “a new animated in-flight safety video featuring Ed O’Neill (Modern Family, Married With Children)… Hand-drawn and filmed during the process, the video depicts an airline safety pamphlet as it comes to life, and also includes appearances by New Zealand native Melanie Lynskey (Up in the Air, Two and a Half Men), Snoop Dogg and New Zealand’s famous All Blacks rugby team.”

Sounds like a nice recipe for success. Then I finally got to watch it and as I stated earlier, I was disappointed.

It felt dull, dry and a bit boring. The humor just didn’t connect and I am assuming that Ed and Melanie did not record their lines together at the same time. However, I am all about second chances, so I told myself I would give it a few days, talk to some people about their thoughts and take a second look. When I reached out to ask some of you what your thoughts were, I was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reactions:

“I liked the video! It was a little funny and not too boring. I’d be more likely to watch it then listen to FA’s make their speech!” from Paul Mahon.

“It’s definitely creative and keeps my attention more than a video of a flight attendant doing the regular routine but on video. But still, most people won’t pay attention,” from Jason Rabinowitz.

“Much better than the Richard Simmons one, not really all that condescending, which is good but its was a bit light hearted which should keep people watching it and paying attention at least. Still not Deltatina though,” from Malcolm Muir.

“I get the small airline making things go viral thing. I LOLed on the YouTubes, but on the plane? Kill me,” said by @thatjohn on Twitter about the previous Richard Simmons video. He feels the new one is much better.

I guess I can kind of get it. ANZ has made some pretty successful viral videos, but the type of video that goes viral, might not be the same type of video you want to watch over and over again, if you fly a lot.

So, I decided to watch the video with a new view point. How would I feel flying on this airline ten times and having to watch this safety video? I have to say I liked it better — a lot better.

Sitting on a plane, I rather have this video, but on the ground, give me Richard or Rico any day of the week.