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I was doing research on Virgin America’s new in-flight entertainment system and came across Brett Snyder’s review and figured I could do no better, so be sure to read his write up and then I will share a few thoughts (no rush, I can wait…)

Soon, you will be able to get Virgin America's RED on your own device.

Soon, you will be able to get Virgin America's RED on your own device.

So what do you think? I have been saying for quite sometime that I feel that the future of in flight entertainment will move from being on a screen hanging from the ceiling or in the seat-back to using your own devices. Almost everyone has some sort of device, be it a laptop, smart phone or tablet. People also update their devices much quicker and why should airlines pay millions to put in entertainment options, when they can just let you access options with your own device?

Recently Temo Madrigal took a look at American Airlines offering streaming entertainment to your device and Virgin America takes it one step further with BoardConnect by Lufthansa Systems. You can actually get Virgin America’s in flight system (called RED) on your own device. That is pretty slick. Virgin American also offers GoGo internet, so you have the ability to get online, use their seat back entertainment, or view their entertainment on your own device. Options are always king.

’œThe idea behind Red has always been to reinvent the flight experience, by offering travelers more options, more control, more content and more interactivity.  Even though we believe that Red has raised the bar and is still head and shoulders above anything else in the U.S. skies, we’re not the kind of Company that rests on our laurels,’ said David Cush, President and CEO of Virgin America.

As Brett pointed out in his story, it will be a while before customers get to enjoy this new feature. However, this month, Virgin America is starting trials on an Airbus A320, aptly named #NerdBird (N841VA). Passengers are not expected to be able to use the new system until late 2012, but it is not like Virgin America’s current RED system won’t entertain you for the time being. I already believe the Virgin America offers the best domestic in-flight entertainment options and it looks like they want to keep it that way.