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Back in February, Alaska Airlines held a contest for customers and fans to design a special Portland Timbers (Portland’s soccer team) livery. Surprisingly my livery design did not win. I guess it makes sense since the three finalist’s liveries were a tad bit better.

The judges actually liked two of the liveries so much, they decided to do a combined livery using Paul Wright and John Bode’s designs.

“Paul and John’s winning designs came together seamlessly to create one of the most unique paint themes in our fleet,” said Joe Sprague, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of marketing. “The plane’s iconic green and yellow colors will be hard to miss from the ground or in the air.”

Today at Portland International Airport (PDX) Alaska Airlines showed off the new livery. The new paint scheme took 130 gallons of paint, 4500 sheets of sandpaper and 51,000 feet of masking tape.

The Boeing 737-700 will fly throughout Alaska’s network throughout the 2011 MLS season and will join their fleet of other special liveried aircraft.

I really love this livery. I liked both winners and this really puts them together to create a vibrant and fun livery. I cannot wait to catch this livery in person.

Updated 8:20pm: Added another photo from Alaska Airlines and two great photos of the Boeing 737 landing and taking off from PDX by Russell Hill (thanks Russell). You can check out even more photos on Alaska’s Facebook page.