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Ever feel like this? "The Flying Traveller" by Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent Just past Domestic Security - "C" Pier - YVR

“The Flying Traveller” by Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent at Vacouver’s airport

Consider these two scenarios:

Scenario One: an elite flyer with a major US air carrier files a claim with his preferred airline to have his elite status bag tag replaced, for it was inadvertently damaged during his last flight. It did remain attached to his checked luggage handle. Basically, it was bent. He is upset and advises this is the second such claim he has made within a month. He files a claim for his damages due to poor handling of his luggage.

Scenario Two: a not-so-frequent flyer is returning home on a recent flight. Once home, she starts to unpack her bag when she notices that her small, stuffed teddy bear (which she got several years prior after she survived open heart surgery and is now her ’œtravel companion’) has been damaged. It was split on the back seam, indicating someone may have inspected it for contraband. This little bear goes with her on all her trips, no matter how insignificant. In addition to the teddy bear being damaged, she notices that her luggage has been searched, as her well-folded and neatly-packed bag is now in disarray. She files a claim for damages.

Question; which claim will be settled? The answer will be at the end.

First, let’s dig a bit deeper into the world of airline baggage claims and talk how to get the best results when things go wrong.