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This is a pretty slick video that looks more like a choreographed dance. It highlights the interior of Korean Air’s Airbus A380 and make sure to check out the Celestial Lounge, located at the back of the upper deck. Korean Air is currently operating four A380s and have an additional six on order.

From Korean Air’s video description:
Designed with ultimate luxury and comfort in mind, and featuring a pioneering spacious interior, configured in a three-class layout with just 407 seats in total, the lowest configuration of any A380 operator so far, Korean Air’s double-decker A380s feature cutting-edge amenities, with 12 ultra luxurious First Class Kosmo Suites and 301 Economy Class seats on the main lower deck, and 94 fully lie-flat Prestige Sleeper seats in Prestige Class (business class) on the upper deck. Furthermore, it boasts unique in-flight facilities, such as the world’s first ‘Duty Free Showcase’ and a new onboard bar and lounge area, offering a brand new and highly enjoyable in-flight shopping and relaxation experience.

Thanks to Brandon for pointing this out

Click either photo for larger. Both photos from Airbus.

Today, Korean Air becomes the sixth operator of the Airbus A380. The airline has 9 additional on order. The airline plans to operate the A380 from its Seoul hub to select destinations in Asia. Future aircraft will be used to offer non-stop services to North America and Europe.

Korean Air’s Airbus A380 is configured to hold 407 passengers in a three class layout. That is not many seats considering most airlines configure the A380 with over 500 and with an all-economy layout almost 800 could fit.

The aircraft offers a duty free showcase and an on-board lounge and bar for premium passengers.

“Korean Air was the first airline to purchase an Airbus aircraft outside Europe and they have now become an essential part of our fleet,’ said Yang Ho Cho, Chairman and CEO of Korean Air. ’œThe exceptional, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly A380 that is being delivered today is perfect to assist Korean Air in advancing our goal of becoming a respected leading global carrier.’



CLICK TO WATCH - Korean Air Boeing 777 has a hard landing

CLICK TO WATCH - Korean Air Boeing 777 has a hard landing

Last week I posted this video from YouTube showing a Korean Air Boeing 777 having a rough landing. Then, it vanished from YouTube and from around the net. I tried to find another copy, but no luck. Then a reader, Ruben, found another copy. Thank you very much!

Any landing you can walk away from is a good one in my book. Watching a huge Boeing 777 bounce around like a Cessna 172 with a new pilot at the controls is entertaining (knowing it all turns out ok).

To learn more about what is going wrong here and maybe what the pilot could have done, check out John Croft’s blog on Where the Cro(ft) Flies.

Jin Air's livery on a Boeing 737-800

Jin Air's livery on a Boeing 737-800

Air Jin was the hardest to find a good picture of their livery. I guess they are pretty new, starting in 2008, only fly to two destinations (Seoul and Bangkok) and they only have four Boeing 737-800’s. I think the extra work was worth the effort.

I really like the neon green with the teal and purple. They have a few butterflies on their website (careful, it seems to only like Internet Explorer) that matches quite well.

Jin Air is a low cost airline based in Korea and subsidiary of Korean Air.  Although they currently have only 2 destinations, they are hoping to expand to Macau and Guam in the near future.

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