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Mark's Website

Mark's Website

That’s right! 24/7, comedian Mark Malkoff will be hanging out on an AirTran plane, travelling to about 12 cities per day, sleeping, eating — even washing himself on an airliner for thirty straight days. The beauty? He has a fear of flying.

Not only does he want to conquer his fear of flying, but he is also trying to break the Guinness record for continuous flight. And since AirTran has WiFi, Mark is able to relate his journey through his website and on his Twitter account.

His great adventure started this Monday and will go to the end of the month. I wonder if he is able to earn frequent flier miles through Airtran — I will try and ask him — stay tuned.
Update: Mark’s response: “I hope so!”
Update2: He has earned so many miles he got a big Elite airmiles card.

Southwest Boeing 737 winglet overlooking LA

Southwest Boeing 737 winglet overlooking LA

A 47 year old woman on a Southwest Airline’s flight from Florida to California ran into some trouble texting messaging someone while on her way to her seat.

She states that a flight attendant approached her and “rudely” told her to turn off her phone and buckle up. The woman states she totally complied and turned it off immediately and sat down. She continues saying the flight attendent returned and harassed her 6 more times before leaving the gate, not listening to her showing him that she turned off her phone.

He suposidly came back to her twice more while the plane was on its way to the runway and he decided to throw her off the plane. The flight was then returned to the gate, the woman was arrested, and the flight continued on.

Personally this seems like a bunch of hogwash and someone found a lawyer who likes publicity. First off a flight attendant can’t control what the plane does. The pilot would have to be informed of the situation and make the call to return to the gate. Then police are not going to just arrest this woman if she really did nothing wrong.

Of course Southwest Airlines is not commenting at this time, but I am sure they are looking forward to comment and set the story straight.

Source: Image: Krobie

Captain (Scott) Kirk waving goodbye.
Captain (Scott) Kirk waving goodbye.

With all the new Star Trek buzz going on now (I have seen it and loved it btw) you might get a kick when flying on Southwest soon. They don’t just have one, but three Captain Kirks that pilot their (almost) star ships.

Captain (Scott) Kirk gets into it and can be seen giving the traditional Vulcan hand sign as his vessel is pushed back from the loading dock.
We all know the airlines are going through a hard time and I hope they can all pull through and live long and prosper (yea yea, I know that was bad, but I couldn’t help myself).
Source & Image: Denver Post
Boeing 777 not looking so great

Boeing 777 not looking so great

British Airways Flight 38 crashed in Heathrow Airport in London in January 2008. Luckily no one died and only 13 of the 136 aboard had minor injuries. The flight landed 1000 feet short of the runway due to lack of thrust to the engines, probably caused from ice in the fuel lines.

Upon landing, the landing gear collapsed and caused quite a mess.

Since then, the aircraft has been kept intact while investigating the accident. Even though the investigation is not completed, permission has been given for the airframe to be “broken up” and “sent for recycling.”

It is quite interesting to think what will happen to the airframe and in what future products it might end up in.

Source: Wikipedia & FlightGlobal Image: Wikipedia
Continental Airlines in Hawaii

Continental Airlines in Hawaii

Sometimes I come across stories that are somewhat interesting, but don’t know how to approach the subject and I end up moving on. This is one of those that I almost did, but I can’t help but making a post about it.

Imagine for a moment you are on a flight from LA to Honolulu for a nice little scuba diving vacation. You are in the middle of your in-flight movie wasting the time away. Then your seatmate stands up next to you and…well…starts to urinate on you. Then you push him to get him to stop, but he keeps going.

I wish this was a crazy fictional story, but this happened to a 66-year old woman on Continental flight 3. A 28-year old, well intoxicated gentlemen (well I guess not so much of a gentlemen) either couldn’t make it to the bathroom or didn’t care. Some-what luckily there was an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms agent behind this incident and was able to restrain the man.

He has now been sentenced to 3 weeks in prison and six months of probation after wards. This kind of story makes sitting next to a snoring person not too hard to handle!


Source: Honolulu Advertiser Image: indyinsane