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Yee-haw! Let's fly on a CRJ 200 - Photo: Johnny Nguyen

Yee-haw! Let’s fly on a CRJ 200 – Photo: John Nguyen

Most of the stories you see that I post on AirlineReporter are those of grand adventures flying around the world in business class cabins. Not a bad gig. Every so often, I get people who seem quite upset that we do not write more economy reviews. ’œHow about do reviews of cabins that most of us can fly in?!’ I get that. I really do. First off, we do actually write quite a few economy reviews, and even I throw some out there when I see an interesting angle. This doesn’t mean that I don’t fly economy. I do… a lot.

When flying personally, I always fly economy (I paid $50 to upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines once). I am not a person with means (shocking that blogging is not the best way to become rich), and I have no status with any airline or alliance. Heck, when airlines are flying me to a U.S. gateway airport to take a business class flight, 90% of the time I am flying in economy. Seattle to New York, Washington DC, LA, and even Miami — all in economy. And, oh boy, Miami.

The Seattle to Miami flight is the longest 737 flight in the continental U.S. and I have done it eight times in the last two years — all in the back of the plane. Do not get me wrong — I still enjoy flying and being flown in economy to take an epic flight is surely worth it. It’s just that I have lots and lots of miles in economy seats, but rarely write about them. Why? Well’¦ they are kind of the same: boring.