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"Deltalina" who stars in Delta's safety videos says "no fighting on the plane"

"Deltalina" who stars in Delta's safety videos says "no fighting on the plane"

Stories of passengers getting all riled up on a flight are not too rare. However, having two flight attendants getting into a fight and canceling a flight are pretty rare.

Two flight attendants, with some obvious issues, were aboard Delta Connection (run by Pinnacle Airlines) flight 887 from Rochester, NY to Atlanta and decided to get into a fight.

We aren’t talking about using mere words, one of the passengers, Steve Mazur witnessed that the two flight attendants, “got into a fistfight on the plane.” The Captain wanted nothing of this, but instead of just kicking off the flight attendants, everyone on the plane was told they needed to get off.

A spokesperson for Pinnacle Airlines states there was no physical contact made between the flight attendants, but only a “verbal disagreement.” Either way, the flight attendants will not be working until this is all sorted out.

Delta worked with the kicked off passengers to arrange other flights to their final destination.

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Source: AJC

Being a flight attendant can be a very stressful job. I know when I am having a bad day I like to have a little space. I couldn’t imagine dealing with a bad day locked in a tube 30,000 feet in the air with 300 needy people.

However, it is a job and one should not be putting their personal issues out on customers. The Consumerist goes into great detail what happened in the incident. It is a good read, but a little dramatic. After reading that, then make sure to also read Heather Poole’s (she’s a flight attendant) response to the incident. She points out that 1 bad incident over 27,300 flight legs aren’t bad odds — which is very true.

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Old Delta and Northwest Uniforms

Old Delta and Northwest Uniforms

If you were flying Northwest (recently merged with Delta) or Delta airlines at the end of march you might have found some of the flight attendants seemed a bit retro. No, I am not talking about giving you large free meals or free blankets and pillows, I am talking about the way they looked.

To celebrate the new Richard Tyler uniforms, they wore Delta and Northwest uniforms of previous years.

I have to say, I kind of like the new uniforms!

Source & Image: Delta Airline Blog