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What's left of American Airlines Flight 331 that crashed in Jamaica

What's left of American Airlines Flight 331 that crashed in Jamaica

I normally keep a nice little collection of stories I consider blogging. Sometimes I get too busy or other stories pop up and I just delete the ones that don’t make it to the blog. Even if these aren’t the most timely, I still think they are interesting and wanted to share:

* Amazing Photos of American Airlines Flight 331’s Boeing 737 that crashed in Jamaica (via NYCAviation). Flight Global talks about how the pilot was advised to use a different approach.

* US Department of Transportation finds Virgin America is a US Citizen (via Seattle PI). Some were accusing Virgin America as not following the rules to operate as a US company. As long as they make some changes they are in the clear.

* United Airlines has Unlimited Baggage Plan (via Flight Wisdom). For $249 per year, you and your closest 8 friends, on your same reservation, get to check up to two bags per trip for free. For the frequent traveler, this can be quite the savings. Read more.

* Boeing joins in study of potential biofuel source (via the Seattle PI). Boeing is working with others to find a viable saltwater-based plant for a more environmentally friendly jet fuel.

* Pilot rehired after gun discharged on plane (via Today in the Sky). Pilot’s gun went off during flight, he got fired, he fought it and US Airways hired him back on.

* Inside the Emirates A380 First Class shower (via Gadling). Take a close look at an airborne luxury most will never be able to afford. It might only be a five minute shower, but that can make all the difference on a very long flight.

* U.S. airlines set record for on-time flights in November (via Dallas Morning News). Almost 89% of flights in November were considered on-time. That is great for airlines and for passengers.

* California’s Surplus Chihuahuas Airlifted To New York (via NPR). Too many unwanted dogs were showing up in California and Virgin America flew them over to the east coast where nice homes were waiting for them. Thanks Selena for the tip!

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