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Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates Airlines received its first Airbus A380 in Hamburg, Germany today. It will be the first of five delivered before March 31, 2010. The airline has a total of 58 A380’s on order (not to mention 60 other aircraft). This aircraft will be on the Dubai to New York route, which will be the first A380 to have a route going into the US.

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Emirates Airline has signed a letter of intent for 30 Airbus A350 and for 30 Airbus A330-300s. Emirates already had signed a firm order for 70 A350, making a total of 100 probable orders to date. 

Sheikh Ahmed, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline, stated, “Dubai’s aims to attract 15 million visitors a year by 2012 and Emirates is forging ahead with expansion plans. The A 350 and A330 will enable Emirates to expand using modern fuel efficient aircraft and alongside the A380 will be key tools in achieving our goals.” 

Source: Al Bawaba Image: fly_unibe