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Omar Air Airbus A330-300  (A40-DA)

Omar Air Airbus A330-200 (A40-DA)

Twitter follower @DavidMSaga pointed out that two airline liveries look very similar. A Pacific Flyer Airbus A310-300 seemed to have copied the livery of Omar Air.

Some airlines will have similar, simple liveries, but these two were too similar. Some research shows that this Airbus A310 was leased to Omar Air. When the lease ran out, it was leased out to a few different carriers, keeping the Omar livery.

Looking at photos on, I am pretty sure the name and logo on the A310 on Pacific Flier’s website is just photo-shopped on.

Pacific Flier was created in 2008 and is based in The Republic of Palau and flies to  Manila in The Philippines, Guam, and Brisbane Australia. They only have the one Airbus A310 on lease.

Oman Air is a bit bigger, having a fleet of about 21 aircraft and it flies to 36 destinations. It was founded in 1981 and is based out of Muscat International Airport in (wait for it) Oman. Its claim to fame, in March 2010 it became the first airline to offer phone calling, text messaging and Wi-Fi internet on select routes.

Image: Globespotter