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CK Louis doing his thing. Click to watch the video

CK Louis doing his thing. Click to watch the video

After I posted my blog where I fought the LA Times, my mom emailed me a video that she felt really helped my argument that airlines are magical and most of us just take them for granted.

In 2008 Louis CK, a comedian, was on Conan and had some AWESOME jokes about most passenger’s perceptions on airlines. The airline stuff really starts at the two minute mark, but I really think the full four minutes is worth watching!

Ok, ok…watch the video now. Then I am going to make some comments, but you have to watch first….

His comedy is RIGHT ON and says what I have been trying to say on the blog. If any little thing goes wrong with an airline, it seems almost the end of the world, however most people forget how frek’n amazing it is to be flying around the world.

Everytime I am delayed or things go wrong I get frusterated, but I always try to think what it would take for me to get to my destination 100 years earlier and it never seems to be that big of a deal anymore.

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