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Pet Airways Beach 1900 Ready to go!

Pet Airways Beach 1900 Ready to go!

Pet Airways is a new airline…but just for pets (or for “pawsengers” as they call them). The new airline is offerring pet service to five cities around the US: New York, Baltimore, Denver, Chicago, and LA.

Pets on this airline will be up in the nicely climate-controlled cabins of a Beechcraft 1900 and not in a cargo hold. As of now they are offerring about $149 one way tickets, but expect the average ticket to be about $250 for one way — geez that is more than more human tickets?!

But, it seems to be something of interest since they went live on April 17th and since then, their reservation system has been crashed from the amount of interest in their services.

Source: Baltimoresun Image: PetAirWays