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We flew over 412,000 miles this year - Image:

We flew over 412,000 miles this year – Image:

Let me be honest. I sort of roll my eyes a bit every time I see one of these ’œyear-end review’ type stories. I don’t know why. Maybe I am not really that into the whole ’œnew year, new beginnings’ sort of thing (I never do a new year’s resolution). However, it is a spot in time to check in and sort of see where AirlineReporter is and compare to previous years. Since I am taking the time to look at all our analytics and think about 2016, I figure I might as well paste a few stats into a story, share them with you, and add some commentary. Spoiler: 2016 was a pretty slick year!

From year to year we have seen great growth. 2016 wasn’t about additional readership or miles flown, but about something much more important to me: growth of love. As I wrote a few weeks ago AirlineReporter and I had an interesting year together. An important year. One that will shape the future of the site, our writers, and our content. I think mostly for the good. That said, I have been very happy to see that even with lower content, we didn’t see a huge drop in traffic and your comments seem to be up (thanks)! We have also just hit 90,000 Twitter followers and expect to hit the 100,000 mark later this year. That’s freak’n awesome.

Let’s run through some of these stats. Hold onto your seats, this is going to be a slightly better than average ride!