Boeing CEO Ray Conner, left, and Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden - Photo: Alaska Airlines

Boeing CEO Ray Conner, left, and Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden – Photo: Alaska Airlines

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A nice, livery focused post about Alaska Air, David. Thanks. As with Southwest, I’ve never quite been sure about where to place Alaska Airlines. They are not a major, legacy carrier and also not a LCC or a regional carrier. They are Our Carrier and the Northwest is fortunate to have them based here. In my experience Alaska Airlines is far easier to deal with than are the legacies; doubly so when one consididers the LCCs. They extract a dear price for their seats, yet generally deliver well especially in the western states. Put another way, Alaska may be something of a fluke among U.S. carriers yet by any standard we are fortunate to have them and their obvious commitment to excellence in our own neighborhood. Experienced flyers know that their loyalty program remains one of the world’s best. Still perhaps something of a fluke, Alaska is an excellent carrier, one that is ell managed, usually profitable and at low risk for financial failure. Best of off, they are ours. Alaska Airlines may not realize it, but a modest, stable airline that long ago learned to live within its own means is a very valuable operation, unusual liveries or not. Thanks for the great post.

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