From British Airway’s YouTube page:

On Thursday the 3rd of November, British Airways carried 45 tonnes of life-saving UNICEF aid for people affected by the famine

British Airways donated the aircraft to UNICEF appeal, which is being backed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to help the 13million victims of the East Africa crisis. We are immensely proud of all our colleagues who helped to make this flight happen.

To donate to the appeal please visit

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This is one of the things that gets on my nerves. While powerfull countries are investing billions in Warfare to continue their centuries old hatred and battles, there are people still dying of hunger in the 21st Century. If all the countries put their stupid ideologies of wanting to rule the World aside and get together to help make this world better, no one would be dying of hunger, cancer may have been a thing of the past, we would be now probably taking vacations in the rings of saturn, etc. Its good to see that there are some people who still care and have a heart, huge thumbs up to British Airways!!

I agree with you Raul, I also support Unicef and other charities, good move B.A. – companies such as B.A. is what makes the UK great.

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