Avianca Boeing 757-200 (N522NA) with special livery.

Avianca Boeing 757-200 (N522NA) with special livery.

Avianca is based in Colombia and started operations in 1919 as SCADTA and in 1940 changed their name to Avianca. The airline is currently the oldest airline that operates in the western hemisphere and the second oldest airline in the world.

Avianca operates a fleet of 63 aircraft made up for Airbus A330, Airbus 320 family and the Fokker 50 and 100. They also own quite a few subsidies and recently merged with TACA.

The standard livery on Avianca does a great job using red and the majority of the color on the top of the aircraft and with the multiple swooping colors on the tail. The special livery shown on this Boeing 757-200 (N522NA) features Juan Valdez. The special design is to help celebrate and support the Colombian coffee trade.

Image by: Globespotter

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Colombia not Columbia.

Very odd. I did write after I got your comment, but it didn’t go live. My blog posted this morning also posted pre-spell check, even though I saved it afterwards. Something fishy is going on with Word Press. Thanks for following up — it should be fixed now.


I love the Avianca livery, especially after seeing it in MAD this past month. They have one of the most beautiful airline liveries, IMO.

Will you be making the change anytime soon?

What about Reuters?

Reuters pulls off my RSS feed and normally it takes a few hours for it to update any changes — so stay tuned.


Thanks. Love your website.

I am the CEO of Avianca Airlines Virtual on the server. Been enjoying things like this i find around. We used the Juan Valdez 767 theme for our Avianca A380 (fictional repaint) We also love the colors of the suma scheme.[IMG][/IMG] This is a Dash 8-400 we use for shorter hops around Bogota. We use SKBO for our home base but have several hubs.
Thanks for letting me share. IronHand.

Great livery. Enjoyed seeing this (and possibly other) Juan Valdez aircraft in Bogota in 2009.

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